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Loona - El Tiburon (Sean Finn Remix)
2011-07-08, 5:42 PM
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1 Jennifer   [Intrare]
1. Oh yes! Experiments are good! Thank you for reminding me that those btuotn earrings that I created with some Earthenwoods are not failures, but are destined to show up somewhere in some fashion. 2. Hmmmm... I think that it is good to be inspired by I sort of think those yellow earrings are hideous. The color is all wrong. But I am glad that it could inform your design in a positive way!3. Buttons! I have a TON of them! I think that maybe we should do a little international swap!4. Love that idea. Simple. Stunning. I had a necklace made from cut glass bugles like that back in the 80s. Loved it. When it broke and went scattered I cried. I wish I had the pieces now that I know that they strung it on dental floss that could not hold up to the cut class on the ends! I would redo it but more today!5.Glad you shared. We are a supportive community. You should be the one that they are focused on. It makes me hoppin' mad that this has not been the case for you! I know what a struggle this has been for you, and it seems as if you are finally getting the necessary help. Blessings!Enjoy the day, sweet one!Erin

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